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The Darkness engulfs me as I sleep,
God I’m trying my hardest not to weep.

The blankets that surround me feel like hands,
Grungy and Grimy like they’ve been in the sand.

The blankets, I have to throw them away,
Because they’re touching me in the most horrible way.

I keep saying it’s a dream and he’s not there,
But I can feel his fingers in my hair.

“Shhh its okay…Just do as I say…”
He-He didn’t touch me that way…

My eyes snap open and I look around,
My breathing is heavy, it’s the only sound.

Everyone keeps telling me its okay,
Because he didn’t touch me that way.

But its his hands, I can feel them in my hair,
But He’s not there! He’s not there!

It’s just me, in my room, alone.
It’s the blankets, I have thrown!

Not him…he’s not there…
But it’s his fingers, I feel in my hair.

But He’s not there!
He didn’t touch me there!

I have no right to feel ashamed,
I am the one who is to blame.

It’s just me, and my teddy bear.
There are no fingers in my hair…
This is a true story...
It did happen and still haunts the person who it is about...
The person in this story was almost raped, which is why the title is "Almost." In some ways I think being almost raped is just as bad as being raped, though being raped his horrible...getting close to it can be just as bad...because you feel like you don't have the right to feel bad about what happened, because nothing really happened to you...Ponder that a while...Just be safe.

(c) A.Williams
Lady-NiXie Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010   Writer
Powerful, I understand the feeling...
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